Our Kindergarten programs go beyond academics. We understand the importance of social skills and provide ample opportunities for children to interact, collaborate, and develop meaningful relationships with their peers. We foster a positive classroom community where respect, empathy, and kindness are emphasized, creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment.


At SBK VIBGYOR School, We value the partnership between parents and our school community. Regular communication, parent involvement, and parent-teacher collaboration are integral parts of our Kindergarten programs. We believe in working together to ensure each child receives the individual attention and support they need to thrive.

Kindergarten programs available with us

Play-Based Kindergarten

Play-Based Kindergarten

Play-based programs prioritize learning through play and hands-on activities. They provide opportunities for children to explore, create, and interact with their environment

Academic-Focused Kindergarten

Academic-Focused Kindergarten

Some kindergartens have an academic focus, introducing early literacy, numeracy, and other foundational skills at an accelerated pace. These programs aim to prepare children for future academic success.

Specialized Kindergarten Programs

Specialized Kindergarten Programs

There are also specialized kindergartens that cater to specific needs, such as inclusive programs for children with disabilities, gifted and talented programs, or programs that focus on specific subjects like STEM.

Traditional Kindergarten

Traditional Kindergarten

This is the standard kindergarten program that focuses on providing a balanced curriculum that includes academic skills, social development, and play-based learning.

Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori Kindergarten

Montessori programs follow the principles developed by Maria Montessori. They emphasize hands-on, self-directed learning, individualized instruction, and mixed-age classrooms.

Language Immersion Kindergarten

Language Immersion Kindergarten

These programs immerse children in a second language from an early age. The curriculum is taught primarily in the target language, helping children develop bilingual proficiency and cultural awareness.

Discover Our Engaging Kindergarten Program

Our dedicated teachers facilitate individualized instruction, encouraging each child to reach their full potential. Join us to discover the joy of learning and watch your child’s imagination soar in our engaging kindergarten program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are provided for social and emotional development?

Our kindergarten program places a strong emphasis on social and emotional development. We provide a nurturing and supportive environment where children learn to express their emotions, build positive relationships, and develop essential social skills. Through structured activities, group projects, and cooperative play, children learn to collaborate, communicate effectively, and practice empathy and respect towards their peers.

How does the kindergarten program support individualized learning and address different learning styles?

We recognize and celebrate the unique learning styles and abilities of each child in our kindergarten program. Our teachers employ a variety of instructional strategies to accommodate different learning styles and promote individualized learning. Through ongoing assessments and observations, we identify each child’s strengths and areas for growth, allowing us to tailor our teaching approaches and provide targeted support to ensure every child reaches their full potential.

What extracurricular activities or enrichment programs are available for kindergarten students?

We offer a range of extracurricular activities and enrichment programs to enhance the kindergarten experience. These may include art classes, music lessons, physical education, language classes, and more. These activities provide opportunities for creative expression, physical development, and exploration of various interests, fostering well-rounded growth and a love for learning beyond the core curriculum.

How are parents involved in their child's kindergarten education and kept informed about their progress?

We believe in fostering a strong partnership between parents and our kindergarten program. We provide regular communication channels, such as newsletters, parent-teacher conferences, and online platforms, to keep parents informed about their child’s progress, upcoming events, and classroom activities. We also encourage parental involvement through volunteering opportunities, parent workshops, and special events, allowing parents to actively participate in their child’s educational journey.

How is discipline and behavior management handled in the kindergarten classrooms?

We promote a positive and inclusive learning environment where appropriate behavior and mutual respect are encouraged. Our teachers utilize positive reinforcement strategies, clear expectations, and age-appropriate classroom rules to promote positive behavior. We prioritize teaching social skills and conflict resolution techniques to help children navigate social interactions effectively. In situations where guidance is needed, our teachers employ gentle redirection, encouragement, and appropriate consequences to support the development of self-discipline and responsible behavior.

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