In our Pre-School Programs, we believe that each child is a unique individual with limitless potential. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that blends academic learning with hands-on activities, creative expression, and social interaction. Through a balance of structured lessons and child-directed play, we create an environment where children actively engage in their learning journey, building a strong foundation for future academic success.

Our dedicated team of experienced educators is passionate about early childhood education. They are trained to provide individualized attention and support, tailoring instruction to meet the diverse needs and learning styles of each child. We value the importance of building strong relationships with our students, creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere where they feel valued, encouraged, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Types of Pre-schools programs available

Reggio Emilia Pre-School Programs

Reggio Emilia Pre-School Programs

Reggio Emilia programs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, which places a strong emphasis on child-led learning, creativity, and collaboration. These programs focus on project-based activities, expressive arts, and the importance of the learning environment.

Academic Pre-School Programs

Academic Pre-School Programs

Academic programs focus on early literacy, numeracy, and foundational academic skills. These programs provide structured learning experiences, introducing children to letters, numbers, and age-appropriate academic concepts in preparation for formal schooling.

Bilingual or Language Immersion Pre-School Programs

Bilingual or Language Immersion Pre-School Programs

Bilingual or language immersion programs expose children to a second language from an early age. These programs integrate language learning into daily activities, songs, and conversations to develop language proficiency and cultural awareness.

Waldorf Pre-School Programs

Waldorf Pre-School Programs

Waldorf programs follow the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, emphasizing a holistic approach to child development. These programs focus on imaginative play, artistic expression, and rhythm in daily routines to nurture creativity and well-rounded growth.

Nature-Based Pre-School Programs

Nature-Based Pre-School Programs

Nature-based programs promote outdoor exploration, environmental awareness, and a connection to nature. They provide ample opportunities for children to engage in outdoor activities, gardening, nature walks, and hands-on experiences in natural settings.

Specialized Pre-School Programs

Specialized Pre-School Programs

Some Pre-School Programs cater to specific needs or interests, such as programs for children with special needs, programs focusing on specific learning areas (e.g., STEM or arts), or programs that incorporate specific educational philosophies or methodologies.

Explore Our Engaging Pre-School Programs

Welcome to SBK VIBGYOR, where young minds thrive through engaging and dynamic learning experiences. In our preschool, we believe in the power of exploration, curiosity, and hands-on discovery. Our programs are thoughtfully designed to inspire a love for learning, foster social and cognitive development, and prepare children for a successful transition to elementary school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are individualized learning needs and abilities addressed?

In our Pre-School Program, we recognize that each child is unique and may have different learning needs and abilities. Our experienced educators closely observe and assess each child’s development to identify their strengths and areas for growth. We then tailor our teaching strategies and activities to cater to individual learning styles and provide appropriate challenges. Through differentiated instruction and personalized attention, we create a supportive learning environment that nurtures each child’s potential.

Is there a focus on early literacy and numeracy skills?

Yes, early literacy and numeracy skills are an integral part of our Pre-School Program. We provide a rich language environment that promotes vocabulary development, listening skills, and pre-reading activities. Through storytelling, rhymes, and engaging literature, we cultivate a love for reading and language. In terms of numeracy, we introduce foundational math concepts through hands-on experiences, counting, number recognition, and basic problem-solving activities. Our goal is to lay a strong foundation for future academic success in literacy and numeracy.

What opportunities are provided for creative expression and arts education?

We place a strong emphasis on creative expression and arts education in our Pre-School Program. We provide a variety of art materials, musical instruments, and dramatic play props to encourage children’s imagination and self-expression. Through art projects, music and movement activities, and dramatic play experiences, children have the opportunity to explore their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and express themselves in different ways. We believe that fostering creativity and appreciation for the arts enhances children’s overall development and nurtures their unique talents.

How are outdoor play and physical activities incorporated into the program?

We recognize the importance of outdoor play and physical activities for children’s holistic development. Our Pre-School Program includes dedicated time for outdoor play and exploration. We have well-designed outdoor spaces that offer opportunities for gross motor activities, such as climbing, running, and playing games. Outdoor play not only promotes physical fitness but also enhances cognitive and social skills, as children engage in cooperative play, problem-solving, and exploration of their natural surroundings. We prioritize safety during outdoor play and ensure a stimulating environment that encourages active engagement with the outdoors.

How are parent-teacher communication and involvement encouraged?

We believe in the importance of strong partnerships between parents and teachers. We foster open and regular communication with parents to keep them informed about their child’s progress, activities, and upcoming events. We offer various channels of communication, including parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, emails, and online platforms, to share information, discuss any concerns or questions, and celebrate achievements. We also encourage parent involvement through volunteer opportunities, special events, and workshops where parents can actively participate in their child’s learning journey. We value the input and insights of parents as valuable contributors to their child’s educational experience.

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