UKG School in Madurai that Builds Bright Futures

At SBK VIBGYOR, we offer an exceptional UKG program that prepares young learners for the exciting journey ahead. Our UKG school in Madurai is designed to provide a supportive and engaging learning environment where children can flourish both academically and socially.

Program Overview

Join our UKG program at SBK VIBGYOR  in Madurai to provide your child with an exceptional educational foundation. Together, we will ignite their passion for learning, nurture their unique talents, and empower them to reach new heights of success.

Experience Excellence in all areas

Facilities and Resources

Creating an enriching learning environment for our UKG program in Madurai is a top priority for us. We provide a range of facilities and resources that cater to the developmental needs of our young learners.

Qualified Staff

With years of experience and expertise in the field, our passionate educators create a nurturing and supportive environment, ensuring your child receives the individual attention and care they deserve. Trust that our team will guide your little ones towards a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success.

Colorful Classrooms

We create a vibrant atmosphere with colorful decorations, interactive displays, and child-friendly furniture that promote active participation and stimulate curiosity.

Library and Reading Corners

 We have a dedicated library or reading corners within our UKG program where children can explore a wide range of age-appropriate books. 

Math Manipulatives

Our UKG program provides a variety of science and math manipulatives that allow children to explore mathematical concepts and scientific principles in a hands-on way.

Outdoor Play Spaces

Our UKG program features outdoor play spaces equipped with age-appropriate play equipment, ensuring that children have ample opportunities for active play, gross motor development, and social interactions.

Safety Measures

We maintain strict safety measures, including secure premises, trained staff members, and safety protocols to ensure a secure and nurturing environment for all children.

Dining Areas

We have dedicated dining areas where children can have their meals and snacks. These areas promote healthy eating habits and social interaction during mealtime.

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